Friday, March 30, 2007

Fire with Fire.

All Art is Martial Art!

First, check out this song. This is a home-recorded demo for a song on my upcoming CD-LP, now known as "Blue Turns Black".

While you listen, read this poem. Don't panic if you begin to disappear...

The Straits of Magellan

strange and true and green and huge and


beneath seven miles

of ocean.

reflecting blades of daybreak

grass, breaking toward the break

of day and breaking

into the space

of the sky

at the far horizon.


like an art

and like a knife.

a blue-green hue,

that line where the sky meets the sea.

and the rowers row to oblivion,

straining rum-soaked


and sun-stroked


hallucinating J├ęsus walking on water

in the shape of a slaughtered

lamb, bleeding

good luck




to the bottom of the blue.

falling, failing, dove-less olives

returning to Atlantis.

deep, deep down where the dead men go,

on their way

to the center

of the earth.

- Joe Nolan, The Earnest

Yes and so then we begin to end at the beginning...


Hugs and kisses peeps on the run!

I have been burning candles to burn candles with, but I believe the waves have started to recede and the dove bears the olive in the distance.

First y'all should check out this last issue of Nashville Arts. I wrote a review of the Fugitive/Fred Clarke show. If you missed it, this might give you a feel for the show. One of the better exhibits so far in Nashville this year...

I won't be writing for the mag any more, but keep your eyes on it as they may be making an attempt at keeping an arts pub alive in these here parts.

Peckinpah: Prescient Genius. He could see around corners...

I am reading Foucault's Pendulum right now. I love it. Strange, twisty and packed full of all the kind of high-weirdness I love...

...Nuremberg Maidens whose hearts still bristle with naked nails: these were once airplane engines. Now they form a horrible garland of simulacra that lie in adoration of the Pendulum; it is as if the progeny of Reason and the Enlightenment had been condemned to stand guard forever over the ultimate symbol of Tradition and Wisdom.


I hope all you Northern Hemisphere readers are enjoying Spring. To the rest of you, stay cool. Come back to this site whenever you need some more of all things that are good. Thanks for the visit.

Oh yeah, watch this movie - Part I of Terror Storm.

This will fill you in on the history of "false-flag" terror events. You know, when a government commits/allows a terror attack in order to control their own populations. Sorta like America did at the Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor and 9-11...

The rest of this film is available on You Tube.

Be humble in your sleepy hands on this world.
Be a killer in Heaven.

Love, Joe Nolan


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