Monday, September 11, 2006

9-11 plus 5 = Lucky 7

On the anniversary of 9-11 there is much to celebrate. Besides the lives of those lost, which can now be remembered for their bravery and fortitude in the face of overwhelming circumstances, the 9-11 Truth movement has gained more and more momentum. Not only does this mean we are closer than ever to getting to the truth of what happened that day 5 years ago, but it is also evidence that the citizenry of the U.S. is anything but the apathetic, apolitical group we have been characterized as.

The people care and they are gunning for the powers behind the power-play that was 9-11.

It still sickens me to listen to/watch Bush and the Clintons and any number of other lying sons-o-bitches fold their hands and piously close their eyes in false reverence for the dead men and women who we honor with a moment of silence and the ringing of a bell. The same men and women who's families have been fighting for half a decade now for a fair, objective investigation of 9-11 that includes a full accounting of the events of that day and full accountability for the failures that took place inside the current and past administrations as well as in the congress.

I can't wait until that joker has to leave the White House (hopefully under armed guard and accusations of treason) and I never have to hear the stupidity and arrogance that waft from his slack-jawed maw like the stench of original sin itself.

George Bush sounds as disingenuous as Clinton used to look with those false expressions of empathy and concern smeared across his lying mug like the blood on the face of an ice cold killer.

I didn't set out to write some insane rant - really, seriously - but I do have a lot of angry feelings on a day like today when you can't escape news and images about the event and yet you are completely left without any new, real, penetrating info and have to make due with the regurgitated swill that we have been asked to swallow over and over again since the original event.

Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink.

Anyway, this is really a great day to be alive, well, free, loud, proud, American and struggling for those things true patriots have always valued the most: justice, liberty and a good fight.

My ultimate position on 9-11 is that I am not sure what happened that day, but it is crystal clear that the official story is mainly built on fabrication and false-hood.

Check your head:

911 Truth

911 Controlled Demolition

911 Inside Job

Never stop fighting!

Be humble in your sleepy hands on this world.
Be a killer in Heaven.

Love, Joe Nolan


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