Thursday, December 01, 2005

William Gull 3



I am just thinking of the menace of birds.

What if William GULL was Jack the Ripper?

What about the deathly allusions we drawn with the Vulture or the Raven, which is also associated with Magic and Witchcraft?

How about the American Indian myths of the Thunderbirds that desceded from the sky and stole their children? Mark Hall insists they still exist! Wow no amount of education, financial recruitment, or martial skill can protect you from that.

What about Hitchcock's "The Birds"? I think that movie is so scary because something we see as gentle and soothing, like a child or a doll, becomes intentionally deadly. It is not so much the threat to life as the threat to perceived reality that makes us scream.

Love, Joe Nolan


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