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I am drinking some coffee and reading my book about Jack Reed. Jack was a radical journalist during the nascent leftist movement in the early part of 20th Century America.

A communist, Jack travelled to Russia to report on the Bolshevik Revolution which was the basis for his classic, "10 Days that Shook the World".

Another interesting source is the Warren Beatty film "Reds". Although some activist/radical types find much fault in this biopic, it is a great primer on a time and a group of people (including Emma Goldman and Eugene O'Neil) who had a different view of what America could be to its own and to the world.

I have just helped Jimmy and Lynn move to Clarksville. If you are in C'ville, go to the Blackhorse Pub. It is a locally owned brewpub with a nice Red Ale and a good turkey sandwich.

That's all for now.

Love, Joe Nolan


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's curious to see that you're reading about communism and Russia while I'm preparing a trip to Moscow and Saint Petersburg within two weeks...
Here's a beautiful tale I've read today in Jodorowsky's oficial website. Hope you like it:

Once upon a time, an invincible warrior was walking in the street. Someone asked him: "Why are you walking so humbly?" He showed his hand wide open and said: "My fingers are five lords. These five lords bend to me". He slowly closed his hand until it became a fist. "The more humble they are, the more strenght I get"

Be humble in your sleepy hands on this World.
Be a killer in heaven.



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