Saturday, November 05, 2005

Return to Blender

What up Y'all?



I am at home just chillin out a bit and takin a sec to drop this blog.

I visited my friend G-Barr when I was near the mountain this week and she reminded me that it's not that hard to just sit down and write a little blog. Duh??? Thanks G.

I went trick or treating with the phoe on Monday. It was a blast as always.

I also got a bunch more work done on the CD and was able to add bass and drums to 4 more songs. The project is movin right along and I promise to start posting more of the unfinished tracks as we go here. Jerry hasn't been able to even start rough mixing them yet.

I have been doing a ton of freelance writing which has been good and I am already looking forward to Christmas.

Stay tuned.

It really seems like the blog is back doesn't it ;P

Love, Joe Nolan


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