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Love You Deerly

God bless us every one,

What, and What Up?

Here we go again - up the down ramp, in the out door, showing our faces without an invite. Might as well pour a drink and hit the buffet, we're here now...

So I woke up from disturbing dreams last night. I had been wandering through the catacombs of Morpheus, tangled in a deep-green reverie that found me and my friend LS in an old, dark, stanky factory building that I was - evidently - using as some kind of art space/studio.

I know this because in my dreamwanderings, the helpful narrator who accompanied our journey as a disembodied voice - and a reassuring presence - equated this place with the old Fugitive Art Collective building off Chestnut, in Nashville. Believe it or not Fugitives, this place was far worse - and much more mysterious.

My little piece of Alighierian real estate was littered with fallen beams and twisted girders, snow storms of dust erupting from doorways filled with blue New-Moonlight. Ornate, leaded mirrors evoked restless ghosts in this corner, asthmatic drafts wheezed threatening poetry in that. Tres spooky mes freres. Tres spooky.

And then we woke up.

Or I did.

I left LS behind to take more notes for this report. Good job, darling. Thanks for being nice to me.

Finding myself semi-conscious - on the Street of Dreams - at 4 a.m. I took a second to find a strange narrative to go back to sleepy to on the Internet. However - immediately following three cautious steps across my floor - I slipped...all the way down the rabbit hole...

This Friday, December 12, will be marked in the expanse of Heaven by a full moon. This full moon is quite special, as our lunar lamp will be closer to the Earth than it has been in the last 15 years.

The last time the moon was passing by in this manner was in 2005. Its passing coincided with an event we have all come to refer to as The Tsunami.

There is reason to believe we may be in for another natural disaster with the appearance of this full moon. The Internet is abuzz with doomsday predictions, and overflowing with reports of bizarre animal behavior and strange geothermal phenomena...

For instance:

My cats, they are CRAZY! They act like they are starving, they are fat and have always been well cared for. They run in a pack ahead of me to the kitchen and jump up on their food area, they jump into the trashcan where we keep the pet food to eat out of the bag, but if I take the bag and place it on the feeding shelf, they wont eat it there and run and jump in the trashcan when I open it to feed the dogs...My dogs wont eat out of their own bowls, they want ANYONES but their own. The chickens are attacking when we step into the coop, they have always been like pets, so yes Id say my pets are acting strange. And the coyotes are howling alot, I almost cried when I heard them the other night, they seem so intense about something...

Today as we were driving up a small road in one of the villages there were three vultures on the ground very near the road. It would have been easy for a motorist to run over them. They seemed to be confused Then way out in the countryside in the middle of nowhere an enormous flock of pigeons flying very elaborate patterns in the sky. I have never seen pigeons in the countryside like this.

A goose tried to land on the expressway today. I was on the interstate and saw this large goose by itself coming closer toward the road. I watched and assumed it was going to swoop back up but it did not! It was extremely close to shaving its own head off across my windshield. I felt really sorry for it. It barely made it to the side of the interstate and was obviously sick and disoriented. It was odd though.

I called up a local well drilling company today, the one that is nearest by and services most of the wells in this area of Arkansas. I asked about the stories about wells drying up all over. I was told, "my father has been doing this for 45 years and he's never seen anything like it before. Water levels are dropping 300 feet in some areas, we don't have any idea what is happening.

All of these reports come from areas in the Central United States, and the locations all fall along the New Madrid fault line. This is particularly worrisome for Tennesseans like myself. Tennessee did a study this year that predicts devastating aftermath for the State of Tennessee in the event of an earthquake along the New Madrid fault line.

If you are the suspicious type - like all of us here at Insomnia - it may seem interesting that the results of such a study would be released weeks before a novel lunar event that may be affecting animals, atomosphere and earth in a way that seems to allude to a possible ground-shaker in the near-future.

Certainly the powers that be are fully aware of the cycles of the Mirror of the Sun...

Could this report be a "warning" that won't raise too much alarm?

The most dramatic example of nature-gone-mad in this impending wave of seismic weirdness comes to the attention of Insomnia via our agents in the Hoosier State:

MARKLE, Ind. -- Five deer that wandered onto a highway overpass jumped to their deaths onto Interstate 69, one of them crashing through a tractor-trailer's windshield, police said.

After the animals' fatal plunge, their mangled carcasses littered the expressway to the horror of motorists who approached Friday's scene in the northbound lanes of I-69.

Wells County EMS paramedic Andy Stimpson said he wasn't prepared for what he saw when he arrived at the crash scene at the U.S. 224 overpass about 20 miles southwest of Fort Wayne.

"It's the weirdest run I've ever had in 28 years," he said.

John Salb, a spokesman for the state Department of Natural Resources, said the deer may have been spooked by cars as they were crossing the overpass and jumped from the overpass, not knowing that a busy highway was far below them.

The 20- to 30-foot fall killed all five deer about 12:30 p.m. Friday, said Brian Jenks, a dispatcher with the Huntington County Sheriff's Department.

The last of the five deer went through the windshield of a tractor-trailer rig, but the driver was not injured, police said.

DNR spokesman Phil Bloom said that many factors -- including breeding season, farmers removing crops and the presence of hunters in fields -- may have contributed.

Farmers are also removing the last of their crops from the fields, reducing the animals' food supply even as deer breeding season is in full swing.

Any of these factors could have pushed the deer onto the highway overpass, Bloom said.

The I-69/U.S. 224 interchange is a likely spot for wildlife and humans to collide. The west side of the interchange is bordered by privately owned fields and the Markle State Recreation area, which is popular with hunters, Jenks said.

The east side of the interchange, an area that's heavy with traffic, marks the edge of the town of Markle.

In addtition, the Web Bot has been picking up on a distrubance in The Force. The 'Bot was originally designed to make predictions in financial markets, but many claim it predicted 9-11 and other events. Here's what the 'Bot has to say about this weekend:

The Web Bot foresees a West Coast/Vancouver area large-scale earthquake around December 12, 2008. Many have seen signs of this coming for quite some time. This may not be the “Big One”, but it will prove to be significant and very devastating to the area.

Although the area of the New Madrid fault seems to be stable for the time being, a quick Google News search reveals a lot of seismic activity in the last few days in areas as diverse as California, Iran, Pakistan and China.

Of interest to you 2012'ers out there, our fair planet just entered into the 6th Day of the Mayan 7 Day Creation Cycle. This could be a period of tumultuous change according to our brown brothers, but it should also bode well. In the past, 6th Day periods have coincided with The Renaissance and the 50's Beat scene that gave rise to the American Counter Culture.

Mayan 6th Day periods also have a numerical resonance with the Number 13. A fact that has left a growing ache in our pants - and a tiny flame in our hearts - here at Insomnia.

Clearly, there are many changes coming our way in the next five years. Regardless of the circumstances we are surrounded by, it is our decisions that make all difference regardless of the wonders we face.

In the words of my old pal, Jim Morrison:

"I tell you what, I'm gonna get my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames. Alright. AWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRIIIIGHHHHHHT!"

Keep on rockin' in the Free World.


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Be gentle in your sleepy hands on this world.
Be a killer in Heaven.

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