Friday, November 07, 2008

Barack Rocks New Media To Win Presidency

You may remember an awkward moment in John McCain's campaign. In fact, you may remember more than one...

I'm talking about the time that he mentioned how he was learning about email, revealing to the whole country that - while he proved to be a tenacious, smart, eloquent candidate - he was woefully out of touch with America since the Internet.

On the other hand, Barack Obama made every effort to spread his message of Hope and Change from cell phone to cell phone, email to email, social network to social network, utilizing every digital 0 and 1 he could get his hands on. The result? A massive outpouring of passionate young voters, and a country that turned Blue for a Black man.

In other words, "Twitter this, Palin!"

Two years ago, Podcasting News predicted the next President would be a podcaster, correctly spotting a trend that saw more and more citizens connecting, and collecting news, insights and updates from non-traditional sources.

In the case of Obama's campaign, it is particularly interesting to see how well he did gathering an audience on YouTube.

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