Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm a M - A- N

As the driver of a rather sweet, roomy, confident pick-up truck, I am often asked to help friends move: A bless-ed curse.

After having Thanksgiving dinner at no less than three friend's houses yesterday, I woke up this morn and did what any honest man would do. I drove straight to Waffle House on my way to a friend's where I was going to help her finish with the last of her moving to her great new place near a lake.

I was the guy in the Waffle House this morning, sitting at the counter, eating an egg/sausage/cheese sandwich on wheat, hash browns (scattered and chunked), a mug of hot, black coffee and some water with lemon. I was wearing what one of my three-year-old friend has described as a "fireman's jacket", and reading a book entitled Bohemian Paris.

(....right now I am taking a quick break to make some 9pm...)

Wow! this is some damn good coffee!

I don't remember my waitress' name, but I was reminded of one of the things this Michigan boy loves best about Tennessee. By the time I left, she must have called me a dozen various combinations of "honey", "sugar" and "sweetheart".

She was so sweet I could've eaten a stack of pancakes without the syrup.

It was only when I paid my tab and walked out the door that I realized I forgot to get my grits!


Anyway, on the way out to Hermitage - home of a boy named Phoenix and a President known as Old Hickory - I heard a bunch of radio interviews, reviews and profile pieces on the great Muddy Waters.

NPR interviewed this cat named Bob Edwards about his Water's bio Can't Be Satisfied. Seems Muddy is currently attracting do to the release of the new film Cadillac Records, which tells the story of the legendary, Chicago Blues/Soul label, Chess Records.

Mr. Edwards seems pretty informed and his book may be worth a read. Check out an excerpt here. I enjoyed the interview to a point. I know people who LOVE this show, but I can never get through an interview without at least one or two questions really derailing the proceedings - IMHO. For me, this interview gets silly when she asks Edwards if finding out more information about Water's philandering made him think badly of the music legend. What? Seriously? Mr. Edward's answers gamely, and seems non-plussed by the inquiry, but to me it was like saying "Did you like Keith Richards less when you realized just how many chemicals he had ingested?"

No. No I didn't. I still loved him with all my heart.

Anyway, check out the extended interview here.

But first, listen to this classic recording of one of the most important blues songs of all time: "Mannish Boy", by Muddy Waters.

Some people got something, they both know it, but they don't talk to much about it. It ain't no real big secret, but all the same, somehow they get around it. They hide behind an eminence front: a put on. But sometimes you can't remember when the sadness began, because it was too close to escape from by the time that you ran.

That is when the blues turn black.


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