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उन चिएन मेतालिकुए



in my sidebar, in addition to a number of other vague confessions and revelations, I mention that my Chinese astrological sign is "Metal Dog". In the name of full disclosure, I must confess that this is only partly true. In fact, I am a Metal Dog, but one with special influences, resulting in a potentially disastrous - if sexy - combination.

Here is a great explanation I found online:


This type of Dog can be unwavering in his convictions and highly critical of every infraction of the law according to his own interpretation. However, his principles are of highest kind and fundamentally he is noble and charitable. He will give himself to a lifetime of selfless dedication if he finds an object or cause worthy of his devotion. Yet he can be ruthless when aroused and will pursue his enemies until they are annihilated.

The Metal element combined with his lunar sign, which is also governed by Metal, produces a double Metal sign, which is extremely formidable. Orientals call this combination the "Iron Dog" and look upon its year with much apprehension as it could be either very good or very bad, depending on whether it takes on a negative or positive course.

Likewise, the stern and principled Metal Dog will exhibit the same traits and will exercise strong mental discipline over himself and take things very seriously.
His loyalty is unquestionable and he has strong political views. Never indecisive, he will pick a side and never desert his affiliations. Consequently, even though he hates injustice and foul play, this type of Dog can resort to extreme measures when he insists that others subscribe to his views.

While we are on the subject of all things Chinese, if you like movies that are mostly just actors acting - who doesn't! - check out this great, little known flick, Chinese Coffee. This one stars a new actor on the scene you may have heard of. His name is Al Pacino.

Although it looks like their MySpace page has cut back since the CD's release, you can still listen to about 6 full songs from the new Guns N Roses project Chinese Democracy on their social networking site. I have listened to this CD several times and I REALLY like it. Thanks Axl!

2009 will be the Chinese Year of the Ox. Looks like it could be long and hard, but also prosperous for the prudent:

We will feel the yoke of responsibility coming down on us this year. No success can be achieved without conscientious efforts. The trials and btribulations the Ox year brings will be mainly on the homefront. It is a good time to settle domestic affairs and put your house in order.

Way-out fashions, abstract art forms and newfangled notions will be given an impressive stare by the phlegmatic Ox, while politics and diplomacy will simply be treated with indifference. Better stick to routine and uspport conservative policies. Frivolities are out!

This year will no doubt bear fruit, but the motto is: "No work, no pay!" Time waits for no man; if we are too lazy to sow then we can blame no one if we have nothing to reap. We will find a great many things requiring our attention, and the list of what needs to be done will seem endless. The Spartan influence of the Ox will be a constantly cracking whip over our heads. Better to apply oneself diligently than waste time arguing with the authorities. They will prevail, as the year of the Ox favors discipline.

Most conflicts this year will arise more from a lack of communication and refusal to give in on small technicalities than anything else. But hang on and be patient. Everything will be sorted out and we will be rewarded for our efforts--so long as we remember to do things the conventional way. This is no time for tricky shortcuts.

For the rebels, it may be worthwhile to point out that although the stoical Ox is soft-spoken, he carries a big stick, and this is his year.

Source: The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes by Theodora Lau Published by arrow Books Limited

In related news, this new CD wasn't exactly made in China but many of the songs were conceived inside of steaming dumplings, bobbing in big bowls of briney broth, carried by small-handed women through the crowded maze of an opium den, lifted to my mouth on silver spoons smelling of sex and ginger, feeding my dreams until the work was finished.


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Be gentle in your sleepy hands on this world.
Be a killer in Heaven.

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