Monday, July 02, 2007

Throw the Left

Yes and


Happy Independence Day!

This is the day when all
good Americans
should be considering the apocalypse in the
reflection of melting ice
water that creeps bottom-toward
the curved last of the glass.
The green gooey reflection of a vast lake in the palm of one's hand.

In the words of the Lizard King: "Allllright.....AWWWRIGHT!"

Somebody go get me a bear trap, a cottage and bring me the head of Dustin Hoffman!

Bloody John

In the 2004(?) film "Masked and Anonymous," Bob Dylan is talking to Jessica Lange and he reminds her that there is no such thing as liberty-by-degrees,

"You're either free, or you're not free."

Yes, and indeed, sir...

Speaking of freedom, can a sister get an amen?

Kathleen...a mean machine...

At this perilous hour,
And the heart sleeps while the body is being bled and the sparrows
sleep sickly in the mouth of the Lion,
Let us not forget the examples of those who have come before us.

Keep your head down. Keep punching!

The body falls and the head follows.

This pugilistic truth resides in the scapular memory of all things.

Never drop your right

Press Play.

Be humble in your sleepy hands on this world.
Be a killer in Heaven.

Joe Nolan

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