Saturday, April 30, 2005




here we go...

First things first thanks to the good folks at the International Acoustic Music Awards for naming me "Artist of the Month". They do a good job of promoting tons of good independent music and I appreciate their support. Their comments were kind of interesting in that they picked up on a few things that most of my reviews have overlooked. Writers are the laziest bastards in the whole world. It's true. I know!

Here is a sample of what they heard!

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Well, I have been having trouble sleeping again. It's been years since I have had trouble with insomnia, but it's really back for real. This blog is called "Insomnia", but most of the time this is really just me staying up late because I am an energetic kind of guy who finds sleep to be sort of boring.

Lately though, I have been all screwed up when it comes to getting my winks in.

Here is some fun stuff to do when you are waiting for the sand man:



only the sleepy know when to shut it downnnnnn.....

Love, Joe Nolan
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