Monday, February 21, 2005

Putting Out Fires WIth Gasoline



I went to hear Sticky Bam Bam on Friday night at Springwater.

Sounded pretty good, but that place is almost intolerable. It is totally intolerable when you are choosing not to drink.

I skedaddled right after the music to take Annie out to dinner for her Birthday (which I missed) and then I just ran into her mom outside the FCVA.

I was able to score a new #8 fly rod and a case for it and my #4. I hope to be going to an international musicians meeting in Mallorca in July and if I do, the #8 is big enough to do some salt casting with. I am so overcome with fishing fever right now. On my way to Bass Pro I stopped at Caffeine and saw Joanna Donbeck for some coffee. I ran into Pumpkin from Fly South there and he concurred that the #8 was the best choice.

I watched "Wonder Boys" about 3 times this weekend as I just kept playing it over and over. That movie is SOOOOOO good.

I wrote the chorus to a new song this morning. It goes like this:

Sleep walkin'
Sleep talkin'
Secrets that you tell
Things you can't remember dear
That I remember well
I see your heart so clearly when you turn out the light
And go sleep wallkin' sleep talkin' all thru the night

It's sort of a Cash-esque meditation on infidelity. I like it :)

More to come.

Please read the last few posts and their respective comments as the discussion about Modern Love has only just begun.


Joe Nolan


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