Saturday, February 12, 2005

Is This Not Freedom?

Ok ,


I have given up drinking for Lent. Less for religious or personal reasons than as a cleansing act of mindfulness designed to bolster mind and spirit and clarify THE VISION.

I have been having a good time with it.

I will be adding some new music in the coming weeks: a whole new section of demo recordings.

I have always envisioned this site to be partly a sketchpad for random creativity. Hence the rambling blogs, improvised poems and coming of a new demo section on the jukebox page.

I am working again on formulating my ideas against monogamy and exclusive coupling.

Maybe it's not that complex and doesn't require a manifesto though:

1. Give what you will of your own surplus.
2. Receive what is given in accord with your desires.

Thats it. That's the whole of what Love is about.

No one possessess any one else. No one limits another through the projection of personal insecurity.

This is not a call for promiscuity among the party people, this is a simple statement toward a love that is unconditional.

I was reading about the astrological procession of the equinoxes this morning along with the Vedic ideas regarding the descent into the Iron Age and the reemergence in the Golden Age.
DuQuette was making the point that each age came into being as a current bifurcating backwards, into stagnated belief and value, and forward, to herald the vangarde of the new time.

This, my friends, is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Time to get a little cosmic and think (and feel) about embracing the whole of the world instead of just the parts that we feel safe around.

Love and fidelity are, or they are not. The "commitments" and "seriousness" everyone mutters about don't mean a damned thing when the heart is wont to wander.

What is one to do, but do what one will?

Is this not Freedom?


Joe Nolan


Anonymous Teri said...

Hey Joe : )
On the topic of being "against" monogomy, I'd be interested in hearing/reading about your thoughts on the demonstration/evidence of the success of polyamorous relationships. Rather than just criticisms of the faults of monogamy.

4:52 PM  
Blogger Joe Nolan said...

Ok Teri,

It seems that a simple Google search of "polyamoury works" will yield a bunch of interesting info. I will put some examples together in a later blog.

In the meantime why don't you demonstrate/give evidence that monogamous relationships work (beyond some numb tolerance) instead of just implying that unconditional love is a utopian dream.

I am dreaming. This is Utopia.

Joe Nolan

7:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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