Thursday, April 14, 2005

Pick a Card



As some of you know I didn't drink all during Lent. I was raised CAtholic, but I no longer practice. This was strictly a lesson in mindfulness and discipline.

I broke my fast with a Tarot reading and half a bottle of wine.

Here are the cards I pulled. Any and all interpretations are welcome.

I used a Celtic Cross pattern (as always) and a Crowley Deck (the most beautiful).

1) The Chariot
2) The 9 of discs
3) The 7 of swords
4) The Queen of swords
5) The Queen of Discs
6) The 10 of Cups
7) The Magus
8) The Hanged Man
9) The Prince of Wands
10) The Prince of Cups

I am not interested in posting my own interpretation, but I did not follow this reading up with any other work to ground my 40 days of "fasting" and I felt this reading offered many insights into the enormous changes I have felt in my life over the last year.

I spoke to Joni at Christmastime and her and I both sighed and laughed and made animal noises at the strange and brutal and magical and sweet and wondrous year gone by. May this one be more of the same.

Do your own reading here.

That's all for now.

Beware. Don't meddle with the Tarot in some vainglorious self delusion. Be honest with yourself, about yourself and it will be a formidable ally.


Joe Nolan
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