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Love, Music, Freedom and the Amourican Way




lets have a real good time together.

Here are the 3 songs I just posted in the new "Demo" section of the "Jukebox" page. Check it out for downloads, more info and other additions you may have missed.

Click to jam:

"Rocky Marciano"
"Soul Bet Coal Man"



when you're done with the rock out,

watch this kid as long as you can before you lose your mind and are literally terrified by the limitlessness boundaries of human potential.



that kid is awesome.



back to the discussion at hand.

All these comments people have written have really created an interesting and vital discussion that, for me at least, has been full of suprises. Thanks to everyone who has contributed their ideas and especially to those who have taken the time to email me about how much they have enjoyed a discussion they have found thought provoking and liberating. That's what this whole thing is all about.

Now I just want to list some stuff as it comes to my mind. I am trying to come to grips with some new notions, but it is coming slow.

1. I agree with Tumi that an enthusiastic mutual embrace of a monogamous commitment (especially when married to some anarchic form of magical spirit) can indeed be the stuff of revolution. Wow. She kicked so much ass on that one.

2. I think I just saw a faerie out of the corner of my eye. I swear this is happening right now at this moment. This has nothing to do with this blog you are reading....this just happened again...

3. On one of the previous blogs I ranted about all this freelove stuff and at the end I summed it up by saying "Is this not freedom?" I am wondering if the notion of "love" inevitably means a curtailing of freedom. The idea, I suppose, is that you find a partner and create a situation together in which the means and ends are in accord with your mutual desire. I have learned a bit about this as I have experienced more about people in general in my life: "What do you value?" Says a ton about desire and desire says a ton about people.

4. I also believe that their are depths of intimacy that one reaches quickest through focused (i.e. exclusive) attention over time. There are certainly Magical/Psychological/Mystical/Physical parallels to explore here. In Arthur this month there is an interesting article about meditation as revolutionary action

5. On the funky side, intimacy makes sex better. That's actually a true fact.

Ok thats all for now.

Only the humble roll with the munchies...

Be humble in your sleepy hands on this world.

Be a Killer in Heaven.

JOE (Don't forget to comment!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm.... Very interesting thoughts about freedom, sex and love!
Unfortunatelly, monogamy has been used during the Centuries to convince people, specially women, that this was the "natural" status for men and women. One can see, most of all in catholic countries such as Spain, that this has been used to justify a system in which women were encouraged to marry, have children and take care of the house, supported by a man who was thought to feed them and protect them to the end of their lifes... And it worked. During many years the traditional model of family (mother, father and children) was used to guarranty the survival of a certain kind of society. But this has nothing to do with love, I think...

Monogamy or polyamorous relationships should be an individual choice. Can one love more than one people at the same time without being mad? Why not? One can have different feelings for different people. I agree with the idea "nobody possessess nobody else" as that's in the base of free unconditional love. Love makes us free: free to think and decide for ourselves. Free to give as much as we want, accepting what is given to us and not expecting anything else. And of course free to decide if we want to stay monogamian or not.

Being part of the same big family, being all brothers and sisters, why not just sharing the universal feeling of Love, forgetting about society's rules and becoming "a brotherhood of love", as in John Lennon's "Imagine"...Can you imagine too?


6:07 PM  
Anonymous kendrahlee said...

ok .. soooo, about that kid with the jello jigglers for bones.. nice way to move...more power to those who groove..

today...there are things that complicate our romantic relationships.... perhaps its the forgoing of our independence.. or our need FOR independence... when i think about being intimate with someone.. i am not thinking about a life term endeavor.. im not thinking of marriage or children or a permanent complication... im thinking of ... now. the moment. is that wrong? i dont know... if i meet someone who likes to hang out outside...AWESOME! ... so do i... if i meet someone who LOVES to laugh.. tell jokes.. and has a natural sense of humor... AWESOME.. im hangin' out with this person.. if someone loves BOOKS... learning and adding to his/her own knowledge.. phenominal.. so do i.. do i automatically want to make a life time committment ? no.., i dont... why? i dunno.. i dont know the master plan that my genes have in store for me... maybe i am not supposed to know... maybe life is a HUGE mystery that no one will ever figure out.. and you know what... that is fine by me... because there are so many people that make me laugh, make me learn, make me peek around corners searching for that next new... whats going on??? .. its worth it. It's worth it.. if i have to spend my whole life... by myself (i.e. not committed to one person by laws of monogamy) ... you know what? i'm ready for it..BRING IT ON! :) (a simple interpretation by one who is not so worried by the constraints of biology or society)

2:36 AM  

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