Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The New Wor(l)d

Before the words were separated, there were only sounds. There was only sound. Before the memories were written down. Before memories could be forgotten.

I heard about the girl with the long hair and the cautious smile and the wings that grew from the points of her shoulders like sin and glory. I heard about the time she leapt from the sill and was never seen again once she crossed the Rubicon at that point where the sun meets the sea and even the Devil stops short for fear of losing himself beyond that yawning abyss.

I heard about the tartan of the tribe and the blood rites of Virgin Spring. I heard about the Knife Dancer and the shape of the sky in the time before our troubles grew so great.

And here now
(your eyes are brimming with murder -
and degrees

of geometric


we sitandlook
at the world on fire -

and wonder
at the wonder of

flesh and


I have a new name for myself and for the world

in revolt.

I have a new word for the new word
that replaced the old one and

left us



Only the humble hang out wholly.
Be humble in your sleepy hands on this world.
Be a Killer in Heaven.

All Power to the People.

Joe Nolan


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