Saturday, January 08, 2005




I got up early this morning to go to a broadcast of the NPR show "Michael Feldman's What Do You Know" at TPAC as Niki had volunteered and offered me one of her free tickets (thanks Nik).

Just as the show was about to begin I began to feel the first signs of a very specific allergic reaction I have that ALWAYS means I will shortly be in the throws of the worst kind of asthmatic attack that I have (their are different and various sundries of suffering in this The Fallen World).

So I decided to excuse myself to get a cup of coffee (not allowed in the Theatre proper) as coffee is a good natural remedy for allergies and asthma because caffeine can act as a vaso/bronchial dilator (good tip for the hystemically challenged among you. It could actually save your life in an extreme circumstance).

However their was no coffee available at the concession so I walked the 2 blocks down to the Library coughing like a clean cat and spitting some kind of nasty goo out of my lungs and nose (gross, but true). One of my eyes is all red and my face is blotchy and just this side of breaking out in hives.

I used my inhaler 9 times and got a big cup of coffee at Provence and am happy to say my condition is improving.

If you want to know more about what asthma is like see "The Motorcycle Diaries". The actor who plays Che does a good job wheezing and gurgling.



I just used my inhaler two more times and one of the reasons I am still sitting here writing is because I feel very weak and light headed. This due to the toll of a pretty grandiose histamine reaction, not breathing properly for the last 30 minutes and speeding my ass off on albuterol and a large black breakfast blend.

I'm not shaking THAT much.

Anyway this has been a lot of fun and being able to sit still and express this has helped me weather this event with dignity and a sense of victory....



I didn't die yet and that is good enough for me...

for now...

Only the humble can't breathe and keep on living.

Be humble in your sleepy hands on this world.

Be a Killer in Heaven.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

ugh - asthma attacks. I dread few things in my life like an asthma attack. I hope you're doing ok. Sorry you missed the radio show.

Umm, that's it. See you later.

5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey it's Teri. Sorry to see you aren't feeling well. You should let me do some Reiki on you. One girl that I did it on said that it cleared her sinuses. It couldn't hurt to try. Hope you feel better....

7:40 PM  

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