Sunday, December 12, 2004

Der Commissar's in town (uh-oh)...

and now all of this comes
to an end
on a too-soon twilit winter's
two weeks 'til solstice and
no sign
of the sun-

the courage of a people
fails on
the fears of a people
and the Man in the Mirror screams


at the plainest of passersby-
passing by on the way to mass
consumption and consecration of a black
promise with the whore-
heart of Amerika-

and the king in his crown
brazen and luxurious-
furious! in his righteousness, malice
and mal-mouthed inequities-

the maladies of the poor:
the melodies of Power
(the music of the movement of the thing itself)-

If an Emperor snarls in the woods
and you ignore the ravings of the insane,
will you hear the breaking seal
when your fate is loosed to the whirlwind?

"They are asleep, they do not know they are asleep and I want to awaken them from their self-imposed lethargy."
- Antonin Artoud

"What is required at this time is a fundamental change in the human heart: each and every human heart, finally and irrevocably. The People, as always, have The Power. There are no Heroes, Leaders, Archimagi or Gods that will intercede on our behalf."
- Joe Nolan

Only the humble have hearts to hold the the whole of the host.
Be humble in your sleepy hands on this world.
Be a Killer in Heaven.

Joe Nolan


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