Thursday, October 21, 2004

Another New Poem...



In the new spirit of creative experimentation here I will now compose another poem with The Phoe.

He will give me the first word in each stanza with no idea what has been written in the previous stanza aside from, of course his earlier contibution.



Let's go!

Bottle of poison or bottle of
green laments on a black
night beneath yellow
stars in the heart of a heartattack
gnawing it's teeth into the neck of the moon -

Remote and unknown in loneliness
and poverty.

Nasal spray and gasoline and the cure for the common

Matchbox 23 skidoo to you too in your
voodoo rapture -
wrapped in rags and oblivion -
living in a state of grace with
face in a mirror and your gun
in the air and
the white light gleaming in the corner
of your lover's

Penicillin injections inoculate the elect on
their way to a heavensent
heaven-bent faith of the hopeless
in this broken world.

Jesus in a bottle
The Devil and the throttle and
The Pilgrims Progress
progresses to the tune of
The Ferryman's wage.

Speaker and tube and cone of language rising to meet the ears
of the hearers
(clearer than night between the stars).

The cars roll onward to their violent abode.

Only the humble recognize their family among the strange.

Be humble in your sleepy hands on this world.

Be a Killer in Heaven.


Joe Nolan and The Phoe


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