Saturday, July 03, 2004

Codependence Day

Hey Everybody.


Here we go.


It's been a little bit since I left an entry and lately I feel like these have become a bit formal. So today I'm just gonna cut loose and let it flow.

First, goodbye Marlon. One of the greats.

Read his autobiography. "They" say it's bullshit and make-believe, but it's very interesting and so self-effacing that it's hard to believe he'd make up that much negative crap about himself. Besides, like the guy has to convince people he's cool. Come on dude...

Second I am trying to put my thoughts together to write my condemnation of Marriage/Modern Love and hope to publish that here soon. That is exactly the kind of subject that this blog is for. I feel so uncomfortable in "polite" society sometimes, given that so much of its disingenuity makes me nauseas and really, truly angry. Most of what passes for "love" in our society (America in particular, I can't speak for the rest of the world with any authority) is just a strangle-hold in which "lovers" limit each other's freedom at the border of his/her projected insecurities. That's "LOVE"? This is much like the praise and adulation that gets heaped on "CAPITALISM" (and you can bet your ass there are deep and dark connections), when it is nothing more than the glorification of the "LAW OF THE JUNGLE"!

Are We Not Men?

In the meantime I just added the new poetry section to the site. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts. As one hipster-dufus commented to me at an art opening right before the holidays,

"So you write poetry? That's so Olllddd Scchhhooolll!"

Yes and indeed.



Right now I am drinking even more Mate and smoking some weird herbal concoction that has damiana, skullcap and a variety of other witchcraft shaken into it. I can't tell if it makes me feel horny or furious and the fine line between the two is enough to give one pause.

Is there any poison I won't try?

Yes, of course there is.

Mate makes me so dramatic.

Onward! (and inward?)

I saw a great documentary on Che Guevara entitled "El Che". Really informative. I've read everything he wrote (he fancied himself a poet, but his voice reaches a crescendo when he writes about kicking imperialist ass in his tactical manual "Guerilla Warfare") and most of what's been written about him and this is a very good film with lots of footage of the man (and the boy) himself.

There is a movie coming out based on his "Motorcycle Diaries" and Benicio del Toro is starring as the eponymous "Che" in another biopic directed by that apt hack, Stephen Soderbergh and written by the incomparable genius, Terence Malick.

Hopefully these films will be truly subversive and not merely giant tourist t-shirts in technicolor cinemascope.

On this Independence Day weekend, let's contemplate "The Land of the Free" by remembering that there are 715 people per 100,000 in jail in Amerika. That is the highest percentage IN THE WORLD! Crime rates have been declining since 1990 while prison populations have risen 49%. Prisons represent the 35th largest state in the union. (No links here kids, check it out fo yo sef).

Only the humble look beyond the Laws of Men to the Empty Hands of True Justice; unencumbered by want of wealth, lust for power and blind faith in the Old Gods of War.

Be humble in your sleepy hands on this world.

Be a Killer in Heaven.

All power to the people.


Anonymous Charles Manson said...

Crime rates dropping while prison populations rising....hmmm, could this be more than a coincidence? Perhaps, putting criminals in jail actually reduces crime.......think about it my "legalize it, free love" crowd!

11:13 PM  

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