Sunday, October 26, 2008

Barack Obama Antichrist Prophecy

Some of you may know, I am living in the American South.

Having spent years writing and recording music in Nashville, TN, I have witnessed a lot of over-the-top Christianity over the years. Like any organized religion, Christianity has lasted for thousands of years because - at its core - it blooms from a beautiful expression that offers not only a practical philosophy, but a transcendental message regarding the nature of the relationship between human beings and the divine.

With that said, Christianity - like any other organized religion - is prone to entropy through human influence and interpretation. In short, Christianity has many expressions that are ignorant, hateful, and unfortunate.

With that in mind, one of the unfortunate expressions against Barack Obama is this new idea that he is the Antichrist, prophesied in The Book of Revelations. This Internet phenomenon is so strange, bizarre and unfortunate.

Check out this blog post about the phenomenon. It explains a bit about Revelations, fear of the End Times, and some of the reasons why people may be able to believe such outrageous speculations. Ultimately, the author lands in a place that I agree with: Obama is a humble, sincere man. Will he be a great President? Maybe. Is he The Beast? Pro'lly not.

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