Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Deli Sandwich

Hey Y'all

A new post about my CD - Blue Turns Black - has been added to the new version of The Deli music magazine in Nashville check it out here.

Here is a snippet:

Joe Nolan's latest release - Blue Turns Black - runs the gamut from solo-acoustic ballads to horn-infused soul to pop and rock. Blue' - like Nolan's two earlier releases - again flouts contemporary trends - to create what has been called "a Rosetta Stone of American Music."

If you like new music, please check out my new CD using the player on the right. If you'd like to purchase my new CD, please pick it up at your favorite online outlet:

Joe Nolan - Blue Turns Black


Be gentle in your sleepy hands on this world.
Be a killer in Heaven.

Joe Nolan

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