Monday, February 13, 2006

Oodles of Noodles



here is a recipe I made up the other day.

Cook up a bunch of rice noodles. Not too long! Less than 3 minutes seems optimal. Now in a bowl mix up a basic vinaigrette with 1 part rice wine vinegar and 3 parts sesame oil. Now add hot chili oil and soy sauce to taste. Put this in a pan and heat it up. Add peanut butter to the mix until you are satisfied with the blend.

Add meat or veggies throw it all together and enjoy a delicious meal as you peruse the ups and downs of the silver market.

Love, Joe Nolan


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We do not have peanut butter in Mallorca but I'll try to cook the rest...
Here's a recipe I made last week: peal and cut some tomatoes in small pieces. Add some also cut garlic and onion. Add oregano, black pepper, salt, Modena's vinegar and black olives. Finally, add two little spoons of lemon juice.
Boil 250ml of water in a pot and turn the fire off. Put 250g of couscous in the water and leave it for three minutes. Put the couscous in a dish and add all the veggies. It's a fantastic light dinner and a refreshing salad for the summer!

P.S. Yes, women appreciate original ideas on Saint Valentine's day. A bunch of wild daisies and wild flowers is much better than a big bunch of plastic commercial red roses... And much cheaper! Use your imagination guys!


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