Sunday, January 30, 2005




the fluctuations in Nashville weather have finally gotten to me and I am suffering a nasty bout of sinusitis. I don't think I actually have a cold.

Guinevere is sick too. She told me she might die. I hope she doesn't die.

I wanted to leave a link here for this great documentary. This is the best resource period when it comes to understanding The Project for the New American Century and the Neo-Conservative agenda in their own demented words. These criminals are totally power mad and understanding the PNAC documents is essential to understanding the events that lead up to 9-11 and resulted in the war in Iraq and the war on the Constitution of the United States of America.

Watch this film!


I am going to stop there and go home as I can't stop sneezing and I am at the Library right now and I think I am annoying people. Normally I don't mind annoying people, but I am too tired to even enjoy being annoying at the moment.



I'll write a bit more ;)

I am reading some cool stuff right now:

Pirate Utopias
Gone to Croatan
Orgies of the Hemp Eaters
5th Estate
The Things They Carried

Pirate Utopias is especially good.

Ok now I am really tired and I am really signing off.


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The New Wor(l)d

Before the words were separated, there were only sounds. There was only sound. Before the memories were written down. Before memories could be forgotten.

I heard about the girl with the long hair and the cautious smile and the wings that grew from the points of her shoulders like sin and glory. I heard about the time she leapt from the sill and was never seen again once she crossed the Rubicon at that point where the sun meets the sea and even the Devil stops short for fear of losing himself beyond that yawning abyss.

I heard about the tartan of the tribe and the blood rites of Virgin Spring. I heard about the Knife Dancer and the shape of the sky in the time before our troubles grew so great.

And here now
(your eyes are brimming with murder -
and degrees

of geometric


we sitandlook
at the world on fire -

and wonder
at the wonder of

flesh and


I have a new name for myself and for the world

in revolt.

I have a new word for the new word
that replaced the old one and

left us



Only the humble hang out wholly.
Be humble in your sleepy hands on this world.
Be a Killer in Heaven.

All Power to the People.

Joe Nolan

Friday, January 21, 2005

Medium Black



This week I have seen some good films.

The Jack Johnson miniseries on PBS (Unforgivable Blackness) was fantastic and the Best Ken Burns I can recall since the groundbreaking kabam of "The Civil War".

Johnson is well known to most folks who following fighting, but Burns' illumination of those times and the people and places in Johnson's life is nothing short of jaw dropping in it's impact.

I was talking with my Sifu and my Kung Fu brother Brandon and we were all amazed at it.

I also saw "'Medium Cool" which is hands down one of the best films I have ever seen. Here's what they say on Amazon about it:

Medium Cool is an almost impossible oddity: director Haskel Wexler wanted to shoot a fictional, narrative film wherein actors mingled with real people in an uncontrolled social environment. With that in mind, he began filming a movie about racial tensions in Chicago during the weeks prior to the 1968 Democratic National Convention, on the assumption that there would be a riot there. Then he brought his cast, crew, and camera to the scene of the proposed mayhem, and waited. . . and lo and behold, civil disorder broke out. It's intensely strange to see actors, playing characters, interacting in a real-life situation with real cops and real hippies fighting and running about. This is made stranger still by the story, about a reporter covering the growing unrest in the black ghettos of the city who discovers that the FBI may be in cahoots with his network. In preparing his script, Wexler assumed that the riot would be racial, but in fact it turned out that most of the rioters were white, so the final scenes seem to interrupt the narrative and make the film an odd pastiche and a commentary on the lack of connection between politics and life. Perhaps more of a curiosity than a wholly successful film, Medium Cool is still worth seeing for its striking footage and unprecedented combination of the real and the imaginary.

I don't agree with those last comments. This is everything a good film is. And is especially poignant to us at these times when our country seems to be feeling as if it may be headed, that WE may be headed, for a similar time of crisis and change.

Lately I have been made more aware of the fact that the Republocrats and their Corporate underwrithers are just doing what they have always done and our outrage at it is the same outrage that was on the streets in the 60's and the same outrage that spilled tea into the Boston Harbor. Let us be heroic in our confrontation with this latest permutation of avarice, greed and lust for power.

More later...

Joe Nolan

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Straight to the Soft

so often (a coffin)

my mind closes
around a cataract
and sees
only lack
of vision.

there is a schism

between the thought
and the acting.

when will my violence take a perfect form

and see through the dark
eyes of the worm

straight to the soft


of corruption?

Saturday, January 08, 2005




I got up early this morning to go to a broadcast of the NPR show "Michael Feldman's What Do You Know" at TPAC as Niki had volunteered and offered me one of her free tickets (thanks Nik).

Just as the show was about to begin I began to feel the first signs of a very specific allergic reaction I have that ALWAYS means I will shortly be in the throws of the worst kind of asthmatic attack that I have (their are different and various sundries of suffering in this The Fallen World).

So I decided to excuse myself to get a cup of coffee (not allowed in the Theatre proper) as coffee is a good natural remedy for allergies and asthma because caffeine can act as a vaso/bronchial dilator (good tip for the hystemically challenged among you. It could actually save your life in an extreme circumstance).

However their was no coffee available at the concession so I walked the 2 blocks down to the Library coughing like a clean cat and spitting some kind of nasty goo out of my lungs and nose (gross, but true). One of my eyes is all red and my face is blotchy and just this side of breaking out in hives.

I used my inhaler 9 times and got a big cup of coffee at Provence and am happy to say my condition is improving.

If you want to know more about what asthma is like see "The Motorcycle Diaries". The actor who plays Che does a good job wheezing and gurgling.



I just used my inhaler two more times and one of the reasons I am still sitting here writing is because I feel very weak and light headed. This due to the toll of a pretty grandiose histamine reaction, not breathing properly for the last 30 minutes and speeding my ass off on albuterol and a large black breakfast blend.

I'm not shaking THAT much.

Anyway this has been a lot of fun and being able to sit still and express this has helped me weather this event with dignity and a sense of victory....



I didn't die yet and that is good enough for me...

for now...

Only the humble can't breathe and keep on living.

Be humble in your sleepy hands on this world.

Be a Killer in Heaven.