Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hello again,

God bless us every one.


Love to you all. Just a quick note. And a few shouts.

First things first. All my love to the people on their feet in Iran. I wish them the best and I salute their bravery, their resourcefulness, their tenacity and their sense of justice. I am on the verge of sleep here in this American Night and I know this is a luxury you may not have at this point. Strangely, I am the one left feeling like YOU are dreaming for us both.

So be it.

That said, I'd ask my fellow fellows to keep their eyes wide and their phasers set to "skeptical". Lets take precautions to not be unwitting pawns in yet another game, Princes. Guard the sovereignty of your own conscience if you'd fight the disenfranchisement of another.

Good intentions are never good enough.

While its easy to plug into CNN and just stay there - I've been doing it a lot - there are better sources out there that are further removed from American hype and agenda. This Alternet article may be the best one I've read explaining the abuses of the electoral process in Iran.


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