Friday, June 02, 2006

Scanner Starkly

Pims Yo!



I am working on some late night writing, and I have decided to take a break and write this instead.

It has been awhile since I added to the blog and I appreciate those of you who continue to pay attention to my all-to-erratic rambles.

Watched Magnolia tonight. So Killer.

Anyway, let's get caught up:

The soldiers in Iraq will never come home. The agenda is a permanent presence. The Mexican border will be disappeared sooner than later. Through NAFTA and the rest of it their has been no attempt to raise the bar for Mexico. The bar is being lowered - and drastically - and quickly - in America. Globalism means Feudalism here in our country. All art is martial art, the historicity of Jesus has little to do with Christianity and the best popsicles at Las Paletas are the Lime one's.



Dig This.

Be humble in your sleepy hands on this world.
Be a killer in Heaven.

Love, Joe Nolan


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hola Joselito,

Good to hear from you again! I thought you had finally solved your insomnia problems and you were not writing anymore but only sleeping : P

Talking about Jesus and Christianity. Two weeks ago I was watching Leo Basi's "La RevelaciĆ³n", a stonishing, provocating and funny theatre performance about religion. I hardly recommend you to browse on the internet. The play was forbidden in some European conservative theaters (only one of the smallest in Mallorca dared to show it) and in Madrid they even got a real bomb (placed near Leo's dressingroom) from a fanatic Catholic.

Through different performances, including that one with the Pope dancing to disco music and saying sorry for the horrible crimes of the Catholic Church (killing Indians in South America and said-to-be witches in Europe, the Crussades, pederastian priests...) Basi opposes monoteism versus laicism, chosing the last one and accusing the biggest religions (Christian, Jewish and Islam) of manipulating people with fear and anger to continue killing "in the name of God".

Definitely scandalous and brilliant!!!

Finally, is there still anything to do between Jesus and the Christian Church? Certainly and fortunately not. As there is nothing to do between Karl Marx and Communism, don't you think so?

Un beso muy grande,


3:13 AM  

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