Sunday, March 30, 2008

Stuck Inside of Nashville with the Memphis Blues Again

All power to the people,

Hope this latest finds you well and good on a sunny Sunday.

Nashville is cold and rainy. It's been this way for the last few days. Of course, it was gorgeous all day Thursday until the sun went down and the mercury took a nosedive.

No complaints, merely observations. Such schizophrenic turns are to be expected. In this world, even the weather is crazy.

Let me take a minute to highlight a project I have been working on for some time. Many of you have commented about it, but for those of you who don't know, I have been spending some time writing a history of Memphis soul music for the website Culture Grits. It has been a blast and - if you are into soul music - or would like to be - I have been told that the series is an informative, fun read.

I have certainly enjoyed creating it:

Evolution of Memphis Soul: An Introduction

King Solomon: Solomon Burke and the Birth of Soul
In the Beginning: The Genesis of Stax

There will be more links posted in upcoming entries here at Insomnia, or read ahead at the Culturegrits site. There is about a dozen entries so far and the next piece will begin to tell the story of the rise of Otis Redding. If you like what you find, subscribe to the site and help the good folks at Culture Grits add to their numbers. CJ also features cool food, art and culture news about Memhis goings-on. If you are planning a visit there CJ would be a good resource for some hip-local-inside-scoop.

Last night I missed the Nashville Rollergirls bout against the Tragic City Rollers from Birmingham, AL, but I ran into one of the scorekeepers at Pronto Pizza and he informed me that they lost by one point! If you haven't been to an NRG bout, it is a lot of fun. Buy your ticket early. The girls have really caught on and lately every bout is a sell-out.

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Joe Nolan

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