Friday, September 21, 2007

Blue Turns Black - It's a Boy!

Messieurs et Madames,


What up my soft marshmallow peeps?

Alright then and ok...

This is it! I officially announce, today, on September 21, 2007 this year of our Lord, that my third official recording - Blue Turns Black - is finished.

The last mastering session took place on August 23rd.

Discordians be praised.

Many copies already ripped and burned and in the hands of the faithful, in exchange for a blood oath of unswerving loyalty, exchanging not wordy pleasantries, but the steely glances that communicate both murder and lust in the animal kingdom.

Clocking in at just under an hour, Blue Turns Black is 12 songs that reveal their natures according to the degree of the listener's initiation, which is to say that it is a record for children who wear only laurel crowns and joy.

The lineup -

Blue Turns Black
Night and Day
The First to Know
The Night Comes
Dead Man's Song
Dream in the Doorway
Plastic Jesus
See About You
All My Love

Some of these songs have been performed live and/or heard in various demo-style recordings, but nothing compares to the way in which this group of songs came together for this album.

Blue Turns Black was envisioned as a contemporary soul record. It features horns, organs, the guitar stylings of Jean Paul Lilliston and lots of harmony vocals, but it never dabbles in predictable cliche's. Jerry Hager's co-production and engineering cast the CD in a humble light, guaranteeing that no matter how much post-production obsession I indulged in, the songs never lost their human quality, or devolved into the hackneyed aping of genre stylistics.

The CD is now making the rounds in Nashville, Los Angeles and all ports of call that will recognize its flag and offer safe harbor.

I am not sure if/how the CD will take solid form, but rest assured that there will be downloads available sooner than later.

Thanks to each and every one of you who has offered inspiring barbs, back pats, big hugs, small hugs, baby talk, stern reprimands, sober encouragement, drunken raving, weedy wisdom, martial techniques, magical secrets, nefarious expertise, wanton wishes, graceful goading, hard love, easy sex, or a few minutes of patient listening in the service of this project.

Your eternal reward begins...NOW.


Now that that is out of my system, I am not going anywhere soon. I know, like an inconsistent lover, I always ply you with promises of attention and fidelity, but truly - more or less - I do plan on being more in touch with my bloggity blog blog now that the CD is finis and I hope to have all sorts of news to be conveying on a more regular basis.

With that in mind...we continue...

First a poll:

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Another poll:

Do you want to marry me? Why?

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Have been keeping tabs on my pals in the New World Order lately. Earlier this week former head of the Federal Reserve Bank - read as scum bag CRIMINAL - was appearing all over the media promoting his book and damning the dollar. For those of you who are unaware of the role of the Fed here is a super quick primer...

The Federal Reserve Bank is a PRIVATE bank that prints money out of nothing and then lends it to the US government AT INTEREST. When we talk about national debt we are talking about the Federal Reserve.

No one knows who actually owns the Federal Reserve. But it is for sure that they - and their other central banking counterparts - own the world.

When Greenspan was the head of the Fed, he was famous for his selective diction - that is - he watched his words very carefully.


Because the value of the dollar or the health of the stock market is largely based on perception. I work for a dollar because I believe it will give me purcahasing power. You accept my dollar because you in turn have decided that more money actually has meaning. The truth is that our money has no intrinsic value. It is what is known as a fiat currency.

The dollar used to be backed by gold, meaning the dollar was a convenient way to trade the nation's gold with one another, but it had real value as it represented a precious metal.

Greenspan's comments this week - to worshipful media jesters - were a total reversal designed to devalue the dollar even more. Since his comments the Euro is at record highs against the dollar and the Canadian dollar has passed the US dollar for the first time ever.


Check out this hilarious discussion between Whitley Strieber and Daniel Pinchbeck. Some of you may remember that Mr. Pinchbeck and I had a spirited exchange about his writing on this very blog.

First, I have never read any of Daniel's printed writing.

However I have read a lot of his writing online and have listened to at least a dozen interviews and lectures he has done online over the years since Breaking Open the Head premiered. I still say that I have yet to hear ideas from Pinchbeck that aren't simply re-organized McKenna etc. and/or new age eco-babble, mixed up with a healthy dose of free-love propaganda and Utopian sillyisms expressed in a monotone up-speak.

That said, my exchanges with the Pinch have been friendly, although a bit vague, and I don't doubt the man's sincerity, although I find his claim to the title of "visionary" to be more than a bit pretentious.

Whether that is correct or not is neither here nor there.

What is here and now is an hilarious interview between the Pinch and paranormal radio host Whitley Strieber. For the next several weeks you can stream this for free.

This is a crazy cat fight between two sensational delusionists. Enjoy.

For a great game, you have to drink every time you hear the word "paradigm".

Click here and listen to War In Dreamland.

For a dose of reality, watch this BBC documentary that exposes the Global Warming hoax for what it is, including:

1. The fact that CO2 levels ALWAYS FOLLOW a rise in temperature.
3. Testimony by many of the scientists involved in the U.N.'s IPCC report, you know, the "final word" on man-made global warming that no scientist can deny any longer.

For the uninitiated, this propaganda's purpose is to produce a global threat in need of a global solution - i.e. global laws funded by global taxes and the consolidation of centralized global power.


Whoops. I am just realizing that all the online links have disappeared. Well anyway, try to find "The Great Global Warming Swindle" and cuddle up with a warm cup of truth.

Ok my peeps that is all.

Thanks to everyone who bothers to bother with this bothersome bother of a blog.

More comments/mail from y'all world really mean the world to me.

Really...THE WORLD (a.k.a. The 10,000 Things).

Be humble in your sleepy hands on this world.
Be a killer in Heaven.

Joe Nolan

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